Only Australian Groceries – online supermarket 13 May 2010

Only Australian Groceries

My order:
1 x Greens Pancake Shake Original 375g AAA $3.75
1 x Big Sister Chocolate Pudding with rich Chocolate Sauce 300g AAA $4.66
1 x Golden Circle Sliced Beetroot in Juice 440g Gourmet Range FA New $2.30
1 x Windsor Farm Mushy Peas 425g AAAA $2.63
1 x Sanitarium Skippy Corn Flakes 500g AAAA = $4.25
1 x Quilton 3Ply Double Length 9 rolls =18 reg rolls Floral Toilet Paper $15.95
1 x Windsor Farm Chicken Salt 100g Shaker AAAA $3.12
1 x Ardmona Tomato Paste Rich & Thick 150g x 4 AAA $5.24
1 x P&N 100% Apple Cranberry Juice 2Lt AAA Extra Juicy $2.92
1 x 15 PACKS of The Real McCoy Various Chips 300g Blue B/B 23 June $5.91
1 x Melinda’s Indulgent Choc Walnut Slice Mix Gluten Free 400g $4.60
1 x Sunbeam Sultanas Snack Pack 40g x 6 BB 13 May $2.42
1 x San Remo Penne Pasta 500g AAAA $3.10
1 x ETA Barbecue Sauce 375ml BBQ Sauce AAA $3.42
1 x Goldyna Traditional Swiss Style Mayonnaise 250g AAAA $4.50

$8.00 delivery charge via Fastaway Couriers

Only Australian Groceries have a rating system for the products on their website:

AAAA = Australian owned, Australian made from Australian materials or ingredients.
AAA = Australian owned, Australian made from local and imported ingredients.
AA = Australian owned, imported product, packaged in Australia.
A = Australian owned, imported product.
FA = Foreign owned Australian made.

Why support Australian Companies who manufacture in Australia?

* To create jobs
* To help the economy
* To support fellow Australians
* For the future of our country
* To reduce imports
* To help manufacturers
* To support Australian primary producers

From Dick Smith: “…when it comes to food, I believe Australia grows the best in the world. So it shocked me to discover that 85 per cent of the food in a typical supermarket trolley is either imported or comes from foreign-owned companies”.

I will have to go to a local supermarket for things like milk, bread, ice cream, wasabi (Masterchef effect). I placed this order only a few hours ago, so delivery won’t be until Monday (I assume) at the earliest. I hope no-one nicks it!!

UPDATE 14 May 2010:

There are a few payment options on the site. No link to the paypal/paymate options – you have to return to the site to confirm your order; there’s direct deposit – order not processed until $$ in the account, so I chose the phone call credit card option. They called this morning, left a message. I’m home this morning so I called back. Now I’ve paid. However, Sydney Metro orders must be in by Wednesdays for delivery the following Thursday or Friday. So my order (above) will most likely be delivered Friday 21 May. Luckily I have a meeting in Double Bay this afternoon, and can get some bits and pieces at the Woolies there! Dahr-leeeng!

In case you haven’t checked out the Only Australian Groceries links, they are based in Everton Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Collection of your purchases after ordering over the net is allowed. Next time I’m in Brisvegas, I’ll do that. Fab-Mummy is handy to Everton Park. Best mention I have no affiliation with Only Australian Groceries whatsoever.


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